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Simply Business A2+ do B1+

This new course has been specially developed for use in intensive courses and is suitable for anyone who wants to significantly improve their English in a short period of time. * Effective English for doing your job * The modular structure enables teachers to adapt their lessons to students’ specific needs, and there are lots of opportunities to integrate original company mate rials into the teaching program, all of which make the course an ideal jumping-off point for tailor-made in-company training. Its eight chapters provide approximately 30-40 hours' worth of teaching material over the course of eight pages each, while up-to-date topics and high-tech features make it stand out from the crowd. * State-of-the-art * In-built augmented reality functions enable students to access materials and audio fi les while on business trips or while commuting to work. Four short fi lms building on the topic of the unit and shot on location or featuring interviews with real business people. * Hands-on * • All contexts are intercultural with a focus on global English • Strategies for communicating eff ectively with non-native English speakers build learners’ confidence and get them speaking fast • Genuine business situations and insights into real-world companies keep the focus fi rmly on practical usage Each coursebook comes with CD and DVD featuring the audio and fi lm material, optional extension componenten and is AR enabled. Extra online materials, including an e-workbook, provide more practice opportunities for students outside the classroom. All instructions are in English with wordlists made available online. A comprehensive teaching guide off ers extra hints and suggestions for teachers, but Simply Business will also have a digital lesson manager for each level of the course, making lesson preparation fast and easy. A free test chapter is avail able on, while the premium, fee-paying version will incorporate full video and audio components. Simply Business A2+ Coursebook with E-Workbook 978-3-06-520460-6 Teaching Guide Download 978-3-06-520462-0 Simply Business B1 Coursebook with E-Workbook 978-3-06-520456-9 Teaching Guide Download 978-3-06-520458-3 Lesson Manager 978-3-06-120693-2 Simply Business Więcej informacji i trailer na:

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Tytuł ISBN Cena
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Simply Business A2+
Simply Business A2+ 978-3-06-520460-6 124.00 pobierz plik
Simply Business B1 978-3-06-520456-9 124.00
Simply Business B1 Lesson Manager 978-3-06-120693-2 93.00
Simply Business B1+ 978-3-06-520457-6 124.00
Simply Business B1+ Lesson Manager 978-3-06-521056-0 93.00